ALBR Chapter 5

ALBR Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Real Or Not

Long Junhao tossed the paddle onto the floor before dejectedly flopping onto his large bed and burying his head into a soft pillow. At this moment, there was a soft sound of the door opening behind him. He turned his head and saw Gu Chen standing there with an amicable smile. Long Junhao studied that familiar face for a moment and then returned to his pillow.

Gu Chen stiffened when his most warm and friendly smile wasn’t at all effective. Then, with his hands in the pockets of his white coat, he slowly walked over and sat down beside Long Junhao’s bed. With a slight chuckle, he said, “Hey, I really didn’t mean to lie to you on purpose.”

Long Junhao continued laying face down and ignored him. Gu Chen tried another “hey” and finally elicited a muffled response. “You cheated my feelings…”

Gu Chen’s lips twitched as he heard that muffled voice go on. “I’m not like you. You are a capable man from a distinguished family while I have had a weak body since young. Even when I was of age, my empress mother and brothers wanted to keep me in the palace like kids. You saved me in the past but you have long forgotten. I…I have liked you for a long time but I never dared talk to you. Only…only till I heard you were going to the border to fight a war. It was only then where I begged my empress mother to let me out. But in the end, I use such a stupid method…”

Gu Chen listened quietly and looked down at Long Junhao’s soft hair.

“I didn’t take liberties with that maiden on purpose. I just didn’t know how to start a conversation with you…I then ended up waking up in this godforsaken place. I was really delighted when I saw you but you then said you weren’t the general…”

Gu Chen exhaled. How serious is this person’s medical condition? He even has a whole storyline…Is he pretending to be insane or is he crazy for real?

“Then…”He thought for a bit. “How about you treat me as the general?”

Long Junhao snorted, “You aren’t him. You even lied to me…Nobody lies to me…”

Gu Chen mulled for a moment then suggested, “…How about having me flogged?”

Long Junhao humphed again and remained silent.

Gu Chen paused for a moment, then lowered his gaze to look at Long Junhao. Finally, he couldn’t help but reach out a hand to stroke Long Junhao’s head. Mhm, it really is soft to the touch. His gaze then fell on to the bit of pale neck that was exposed and reached out to touch. Children of rich families really maintain their skin well... Gu Chen hadn’t been able to control himself and continued touching until he suddenly realized the originally silent Long Junhao was starting to burn with rage. If this was a scene from a anime, this person’s head would be full of bulging veins.

He immediately halted and slowly retracted his hand. At that moment, Long Junhao sat up with a furious expression. “Lowly peasant. Who allowed you to touch your emperor’s…head…”

Long Junhao’s had an air of majesty because of his royal background and nobody would dare touch him because of his identity and status. Right now, he was fuming with displeasure at his body being touched and thus glared furiously at the person who dared overlook his authority. But as this familiar face appeared in his sights, it was as if a bucket of cold water had immediately doused the rage that had started to boil. He inhaled sharply. This was unwillingness.

Gu Chen shifted back slightly after pulling his hand away in case this person went berserk. But he understood when he saw Long Junhao’s manner. With a chuckle, he pinched Long Junhao’s face. “How did I not realize you were this adorable in the past?”

Seeing the close-up of this person’s face, Long Junhao decided to not bother about this person’s crime of pinching his face for the time being. He bit his lip in thought. “What was this body like in the past?”

“Shutting himself in the room and not saying a word. Apprehensive, and guarded against anyone that dared come close. It was just like…” Gu Chen met Long Junhao’s beautiful eyes and spoke slowly, “Like he was afraid or hiding.”

Long Junhao was astonished, “Afraid of what?”

Gu Chen gazed at him fixedly for a moment before releasing his fingers with a chuckle, “This…Nobody knows.”

Long Junhao rubbed his sore face. He felt that the person before him was different from before. However, he was unable to tell in what way. Just as he was flabbergasted, he heard the sweet voice of a nurse from outside the room. “Your majesty, there is an envoy here requesting an audience. He says that he has brought a transformer to offer as tribute.”

A transformer! His eyes immediately lit up as he thought to himself that the time for revenge had finally come. He wanted to exterminate all these people, Muahahaha. He straightened his clothes, cleared his throat and said, “Granted.”


A man in office attire walked in holding a large box and looked at Long Junhao. He had already been given a brief introduction of this person’s medical condition when he had been outside and knew this person had a bad temper. Thus, he placed the box on the carpet and cautiously met Long Junhao’s gaze. “Your Majesty, please have a look.”

Long Junhao eyed the box in astonishment and wondered to himself why it was so much smaller? Could there be some profound mystery inside? Long Junhao leaped off the bed and casually gestured his hand and said, “bestow a reward” to let this man leave.

That person was delighted and grabbed the nurse’s arm when he went out of the room. “He says to bestow a reward. The emperor says I am granted a reward. What is it?”

The nurse calmly pushed her glasses back up her nose. “What the emperor means is that you can leave this place safely.”


“Don’t show that sort of expression. Our emperor has a bad temper. He just had a person lashed eighty times.” The nurse pointed her slender finger as she said this. “You can go have a look if you don’t believe me. General Chu is still lying in bed.”

That person hesitantly crept to the room the nurse pointed at and peeked through the doorway. What he saw was someone lying face down on the large bed crying with mucus and tears all over his face. “I have failed, I have failed…I must once again request for soldiers to vanquish the rebels. Till my shame is washed away and I can regain my dignity boohooo!”

The man shuddered and withdrew his head. As he was about to leave, he saw a bunch of people carrying a drenched person passing by. The person that was being carried was still muttering nonstop. “I…I no longer want to live on land. Humans are too terrifying! Too terrifying!! Arghhh… Let me go…Let me go…”

The man’s gaze stiffly followed the direction this group went in when the nurse’s gentle voice floated in his ear. “See that, this person became like this after witnessing our emperor’s actions.”

That person shuddered again and massaged his chest feebly. “Then…then,I…”

“That’s why I say that you are rather fortunate already.”

“Yes yes!” That person nodded vigorously and sped away. The nurse watched as he ran all the way to the main entrance of the asylum and reckoned that this person would never return again from fear.

Meanwhile, Long Junhao had exerted great effort and finally ripped open this box. He took out the item from inside. “This…” He circled the transformer and mulled. This thing was alike but it somehow seemed a little strange. He stroked his chin then pointed to the floor of the bedroom. In an imposing and majesty manner, he commanded the transformer. “Go destroy this place for your emperor.”


Long Junhao furrowed his brows slightly. There was indeed something strange about it. After further thought, he bent down and lowered his voice. “Why aren’t you moving? Be good, as long as you destroy this place, I will give you anything you want. How does that sound?”  


Gu Chen had been watching this whole thing from the side and was dumbfounded. He cleared his throat. “Uh, you like Transformers too huh? This model is pretty decent. It’s a premium one.”

Long Junhao sluggishly turned his head and froze up. It took some time before he mouthed feebly, “…Mo..model?”

He looked especially miserable and Gu Chen tried his best not to nod his head immediately.

Long Junhao inhaled sharply. “…Then, where are the real transformers?”

Gu Chen froze up and racked his brains on how to answer as this person appeared like he couldn’t take another blow. He didn’t know what sort of consequences would be borne if he told the truth. But no matter what, he was still a doctor at this time and had to demonstrate some medical ethics at the very least.   

Long Junhao was very smart. He glanced at the silent Gu Chen followed by the model on the floor…and felt like crying. “There are no such things as Transformers in this world right…” How could such terrific things exist…

Gu Chen couldn’t help but reach out and patted Long Junhao’s head while consoling him. “It’s alright, you still have a model. The real things are too huge and dangerous. Models are better.” He would never have thought that this person would like Transformers to such an extent. 

“Who says… “Long Junhao swatted the hand away.” This emperor was still waiting to have it raze this asylum to the ground.”

Gu Chen’s lips twitched. He wondered how much Long Junhao hated this place that he wanted to have a Transfer destroy it.

Long Junhao took no notice of his reaction because he had finally understood why his cheap parents of this world had left him here—They thought he hadn’t recovered yet. Long Junhao sat on his bed in a huff. He would get more well-versed with the ways of this world. That way, he would be able to convince those cheap parents to bring him away the next time.

Gu Chen smiled and walked over to the fuming Long Junhao. “Your majesty, if you don’t have anything else, this humble subject shall take his leave.”

Having said that, Gu Chen turned and left. Long Junhao hurriedly called out, “Wait, you…”He glanced at that familiar face and hesitated for a bit. “What is your name?”

“Gu Chen.” Gu Chen saw this person’s jaw drop and he was momentarily stunned. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes.” Long Junhao pointed at himself. “My name is Long Junhao.”

“I know that.”

“No no.” Long Junhao shook his head. “What I meant is that I was called Long Junhao in the past and my name is also Long Junhao when I came here. And the general’s name was Gu Chen and you are also called Gu Chen. Mhm…You understand what I’m saying?”

What ridiculous nonsense is this! What else would your name be if not Long Junhao… Gu Chen was speechless. From his discrete observations to know, he still came to this conclusion——Could this person really not be crazy?

Long Junhao watched him with eager anticipation. “Do you understand?”

“…So you mean to say that I am the general?” Gu Chen’s gaze subconsciously shifted to the paddle on the ground. Is this person still thinking of hitting me? How much dedication does he have towards him?  

Long Junhao appeared to be in thought before he suddenly frowned. “But you aren’t him…”

Gu Chen nodded but didn’t say anything. Silence was the best answer.

Long Junhao was discouraged. “Never mind, you can go. Oh, right, who are you in charge of?” There were many doctors and nurses in this institution but everyone was specially assigned to a patient. Therefore, even though nurses were all the same, those in charge of the long haired beauty had it much easier while those in charge of Chu Jian were way more exhausted because the level at which these two people acted out was clearly different.

Gu Chen smiled. “You.”

Long Junhao felt his heart flutter for no reason and he felt much more relaxed. He gazed at that face and his line of thought drifted into the distance. Suddenly, he asked “…Do you like me?”

Gu Chen met his gaze. Rather saying that this person was looking at him, it seemed more like this person was thinking about someone else when looking at him. Long Junhao abruptly sobered up and reckoned he really was muddled. He understood while watching this person’s silence. “You don’t like me right?” 

Gu Chen hesitated for a moment and softly grunted in agreement.

Long Junhao sighed, “…It’s fortunate that you aren’t the general.”

——Therefore, the one rejecting me isn’t that person.

Gu Chen looked at him. When this person smiled, he gave others a warm, fuzzy feeling. But this time, the warmth seemed to be mixed with other emotions. Although faint, it succeeded in dispelling the thoughts of leaving that he had. He was silent for a moment and suddenly recalled that joke——

Female Patient: Dr. Lan, do you love me? Dr. Lan mulled for a long time (So as to not hurt the patient’s feelings and worsen her condition) : What we have is a relationship strictly between doctor and patient. I must properly look after you because you are sick… (Dr. Lan spent a long time explaining so as not to hurt the patient’s feelings)

Female patient: Dr. Lan, do you mean you don’t love me?

Dr. Lan (After deep consideration): Yeah…

Female Patient: How fortunate…The one I love is Dr. Chen…

He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Long Junhao stared at him in astonishment. “What are you laughing at?”

Gu Chen walked over, “Come, let me tell you a few jokes so that you wouldn’t make similar mistakes in future.”


“You just have to listen.”



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