ALBR Chapter 4

ALBR Chapter 4

Chapter 4: General Serving The Bedroom

As he crashed to the ground, Gu Chen was still pondering――How did things suddenly turn out this way?

He was rather confident in his own ability and would never be felled by just a single strike. But this had been the reality and he needed an explanation. He felt that the main reason for this was his overconfidence and underestimating of the opponent. Who would have thought that this seemingly delicate person would pack such strength

His last memory of this person had been over a month ago. Who would have thought that this person would have become this violent. On top of that, this emperor seemed to have an unclear intent when speaking to him. Thus Gu Chen expected that this person would have some different sentiments towards himself. Thus, he never expected that this person would have started beating him maniacally all of a sudden.

Furthermore…in the worst case scenario where he who had unknowingly gained a ‘general’ title returned in defeat and made the emperor angry, he should have been dragged away to be beheaded. Why would the emperor personally dirty his hands… Thus, all in all, this outcome had been totally ‘impossible’. Gu Cheng had a dumbfounded look on his face as he fell to the ground.

But being stunned didn’t mean that Long Junhao would cease his punches. This newly ascended emperor seemed to be burning with rage as he jumped on to Gu Chen and containing raining blows down on him.

The doctors and nurses that were present rushed over and tried to mediate the fight. They placated Long Junhao while persuading him to stop. While on the ground, Gu Chen heard stuff like, “Your majesty, calm down, General Gu is an important figure of the state…”, “General Gu has utmost loyalty to the emperor”, “There are only orphans and widows left in the Gu household”, “The Gu Family has served the state wholeheartedly for four generations”, “The Gu Family are heroes”. Gu Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He wondered if the general they were talking about wasn’t a Gu but a Yang. Don’t think that I can’t tell you guys are talking about the Generals of the Yang Family1!

Long Junhao had felt very satisfied when his first punch succeeded. Now, he couldn’t continue on with all this persuasion. Thus, he slowly quelled his anger and glanced at the person beneath him. This person’s hair was shorter and he was much fairer than before. He still had that same chiseled and elegant face but his imposing eyes seemed softer and more captivating now.

Gu Chen sensed Long Junhao’s gaze and met it. This person’s collar had been torn apart by his previous actions, revealing the white jade-like skin that was tempting to touch. Bits of his fringe was hanging down and the midday sun shining down seemed to create a fluffy halo around him. His eyes were no longer furious and he seemed much more calm than before. Seeing Gu Chen meet his gaze, Long Junhao smiled gently.

This person already had a fine appearance and smiling this way amplified his gorgeous features. Gu Chen subconsciously held his breath. This person sighed before speaking, “Very well, I have already thought things through after coming over. We should have just been straightforward with each other instead of over complicating things…”

Gu Chen stared blankly at that slight smile above him. He would continue to remember this moment in the future for a long time to come. His person’s slightly disheveled clothes and a not that friendly attitude. Yet this person smiled as he spoke to him. The gorgeousness exuding from him made Gu Chen’s surroundings  turn completely white for a moment.

“General, your emperor has something that he has always wanted to tell you. And your emperor is being serious,” Long Junhao gazed straight into his eyes and enunciated each word slowly, as if he was afraid to say the wrong thing. “I like you, general, I have already liked you from a long time ago. I wish to be with you forever.” He had addressed himself as ‘I’ in the later half of his sentence and it clearly indicated how serious he was.

Gu Chen continued to maintain his dazed expression. Following that..he fell into a blank state of mind, and then…he felt every inch of his body stiffening up. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth, “…Ah?”

Everyone also fell silent. Then, they  let go of Long Junhao’s hands unanimously and backed away. They watched on silently with smug looks of knowing.

Turns out you two have this sort of relationship…

So this general had risen through the ranks because of his personal relationship and not because of his ability…

Can this be considered a general that served the bedroom…

Turmoil and chaos in the palace eh…Could it be that the prince decided to seize the throne because you left him?

Mhm…He hit you because you…are getting married?

Bulging veins appeared on Gu Chen’s forehead as he glared at them. You all clearly know that I am innocent right? You people know that I only just returned right?! All of you are medical professionals and not patients here. All of you have brains that work perfectly fine right? Right? !       

Seeing Gu Chen not responding, Long Junhao sounded out, “…General?”

Gu Chen’s gaze finally returned to him. He coughed dryly. “Your majesty…could you please get off from your humble servant’s body?”

“What did you call me?” Long Junhao raised an eyebrow. He had looked in the mirror before. This face of his was no different from his previous face. He would still address me as a scoundrel even if he didn’t know I was the prince. “Do you know who I am?”

Gu Chen hesitated, wondering if he would be beaten again for acting dumb if he shook his head? No, taking a beating wasn’t a big deal. But if he triggered this patient and made his condition even worse…He glanced up at the person above him and nodded sincerely.

“Then why did you address me as your majesty?” This wasn’t how you addressed me before. You were fierce to me in the past and even threatened to lock me up in a jail. Don’t you remember that?”

Gu Chen felt like crying. I really don’t know what you are saying. I never spoke to you before I left for the trip abroad either. Actually, we aren’t very close. You have gotten the wrong person, you are definitely mistaken!!!

He looked at his colleagues around him. These bunch continued to silently shoot him glances with underlying meanings——The director said to play along… Gu Chen slowly turned back and cleared his throat. He looked towards Long Junhao sincerely, “Actually, I have lost my memory…”

Everyone wanted to applaud. Terrific!

Long Junhao was momentarily stunned, “…You lost your memory?”

Gu Chen nodded.

“That can’t be right.” Long Junhao frowned. “If you have really lost your memory, why did you nod your head when I asked if you were the general. And why did you nod your head when I asked whether you knew who I was?”

Gu Chen glanced silently at his fellow doctors nearby. Since when were there patients this logical? He isn’t sick at all right?  

Everyone else rolled their eyes.

“…” Gu Chen resigned to his fate and looked towards Long Junhao once again. “No, I vaguely remember that I am a general. Besides that, the only other thing I remember…” He gazed seriously at the person above him. “is your face…”

Everyone wanted to give a standing ovation. Even more impressive!

Long Junhao started to break out in cold sweat. Has the general…chased me all the way here…for the sake of catching me?! He got up quivering and ran off. Long Junhao was very timid, especially towards this general. This person’s imposing bearing always made him a little afraid. Furthermore, the impression Long Junhao had left this person was… Long Junhao was afraid that this person might one day remember. What would Long Junhao do if that were to happen…

He paced around his bedroom like a trapped beast. The nurse that had followed after him asked carefully, “Your majesty…are you alright?”

“Let me ask you something,” Long Junhao grabbed her wrist. “How can one be made to remember past memories?”

This nurse had also been one of the spectators on the sidelines. Hearing this, she comforted Long Junhao. “The memories would come back very quickly when seeing an important person from his past. Don’t worry too much, your majesty.”

I don’t wish for him to remember… Long Junhao inhaled sharply. “Then…then how do you make someone lose their memories?”

“Lose memories?” The nurse pondered, “Generally, suffering a heavy blow on the head might cause amnesia.”

Heavy blow on the head…heavy blow on the head…These words revolved around his mind. He suddenly looked up at the paddle for flogging at the corner of the room. He hesitated immediately…If I used this to strike the general’s head…will he lose his memories again…

The nurse tilted her head innocently towards Long Junhao. “…Your majesty?”

Long Junhao suddenly perked up. He steeled his resolve and picked up the paddle before rushing out.

The nurse was stunned for quite awhile before she hurriedly cried out and chased after. “Your…Your…Your Majesty…What are you trying to do…Please calm down…”

At the other side, Gu Chen was finally helped up. “Dr. Gu, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’m fine.” Gu Chen stared in astonishment towards the distance. “Why did he run?”

Someone casually replied. “No idea, perhaps he is moved to tears…”


“That’s why Dr. Gu is awesome!”

“Yeah, Dr. Gu is really smart!  

“It’s no wonder Dr. Gu is a world renown doctor.”

Gu Chen smiled sheepishly. “Ah, you guys are overly praising me.” He had merely said this when he saw everyone ahead suddenly stiffen up. At the same time, he had an ominous premonition and turned around stiffly. The person that had originally ran away was sprinting back. On top of that, he was holding that rather familiar object.

“…” Gu Chen asked, “A mentally unstable person killing someone isn’t considered directly breaking the law right?”

“Mhm…” Everyone nodded silently.

“…” Gu Chen then asked again. “Do you all think that…he is charging at me this time?”

“Mhm…” Everyone nodded their heads again.

“…” Gu Chen spoke once more. “…Then aren’t you people going to do something?”

“Mhm…” Everyone gazed into the distance. “The director said that we should play…”

Gu Chen turned his head and started to walk away. “…I want to resign.”

“General!” At this time, Long Junhao ran in front of Gu Chen and blocked his path. He glanced at that familiar face and struggled to find the right words. Finally, he raised the heavy paddle. “General, will…will you let your emperor hit you with this once?”

“…” Gu Chen studied the thickness of the paddle. “…Would any normal person agree to this?”

Long Junhao blinked his innocent eyes. “I’m doing this to help you regain your memory, really…”

“So that’s why…” Gu Chen gazed into the distance. This person really didn’t use any ordinary moves.

Long Junhao’s eyes lit up in an instant when he saw that Gu Chen seemed like he was going to accede to the request. But before he could speak, he saw this person look him straight in the eye and said sorrowfully. “Actually, I am really not a general. Neither have I lost my memory nor do I need to regain it. You have really got the wrong person. Please let me off!”


  1. A series of ancient novels about the heroic Yang Family generals

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