ALBR Chapter 3

ALBR Chapter 3

ALBR Chapter 3: Now Start Hitting

Warm sunlight bathed the hillside as a gentle breeze blew. Occasionally, cotton-like clouds floated overhead…In any case, the weather today was really great, perfect for shopping in town or grabbing a few friends for a picnic. However, at this moment, the doctors and nurses of a certain high level asylum felt a chill as their hearts fell.

All of them felt like crying as they silently consoled themselves. If not for the high wages, we definitely wouldn’t have come here. Over our dead bodies! But it was too late for any regrets because that high and mighty emperor who had recently ascended the throne was very displeased. Therefore, they could forget about having it easy. Everyone held their breath in trepidation and watched the silent emperor carefully.

Long Junhao’s face showed no sign of emotion. Even the bulging veins on his forehead had subsided. He stood there calmly as if he hadn’t heard those words.

It was supposed to be a pleasing sight. This man was the young master of a huge financial group. From young, he was pampered and spoiled. The skin on his entire body was flawless and was the sort that could be used in high-grade skincare product commercials. On top of that,his exquisite defined facial features and soft, curly hair gave him a gentle and delicate vibe. Thus, when he was silent, others would have the tendency of wanting to be gentle and protect him..

Of course, the prerequisite was that he didn’t get angry. Because when he did, the entire asylum would turn into the aftermath of a horrendous storm. Even though he hadn’t done anything yet, everyone could feel the temperature lowering. Was this the calm before the storm? They couldn’t guess what Long Junhao would do because the way each of their patients behaved was different. If the long-haired beauty were in this situation, he would surely pretend to have not heard anything and continued singing. 

On the other hand, the poker-faced man would most likely have two types of reactions. The first would probably be surprise and delight while rubbing his belly while saying, “Oh, so I’m pregnant.” While the second would be to burst into tears and make a fuss about finding the scoundrel that knocked him up as well as insiting for an abortion.

But when it came to this emperor…even though he too wasn’t normal, he had never pretended to be a woman before. Furthermore, he had been extremely disgusted by others treating him as a woman. Therefore…everyone  watched that ‘miracle doctor’ with looks of pity and sorrow. As if they were looking at someone about to die yet were unable to stop it.

Long Junhao was firmly rooted in place as all four of his limbs were held on firmly by asylum staff. He inhaled and said softly. “Enough, all of you release me.”

Everyone was apprehensive. “Your Majesty, calm down, take care of your imperial body…”

“Of course I will be mindful of my imperial body.” Long Junhao smiled and slowly tilted his head to the staff holding him in place. His tone was pleasing yet there was an indescribable chill to it. “I still have to handle matters of the state and occasionally show favor to the concubines in the harem…Don’t you all think so…” 

“Yes yes yes…” Everyone nodded vigorously as they started sweating more profusely. An attentive doctor started shooting warning glances at the nurse besides Chu Jian, indicating for her to bring Chu Jian away.

The nurse got the hint and started persuading Chu Jian to leave. She was already tugging at his hands when Long Junhao called out lazily. “Chu Jian.”

Miracle Doctor who had started to leave turned around when his name was called. He was still in his miracle doctor role and thus bowed. “Madam, what other instructions do you have for me?”

Everyone inhaled sharply. Long Junhao could feel the grips on his limbs become tighter. He knew these people were afraid he would go berserk. However, he didn’t care and stared at the person in front as if he wasn’t affected. Not a single bit of tension could be heard in his tone as he said, “Chu Jian, I got you to lead an 800,000 strong army to vanquish the rebels. To my surprise, you returned in defeat. I am really…”

Chu Jian had already knelt to the ground before he finished.  Mournfully, Chu Jian cried out, “Your Majesty,I deserve to die!”

This sudden change stunned everyone as they stared with their mouths agape. They first stared at the sorrowful General Chu before slowly turning their gazes towards…their high and mighty emperor.

Long Junhao slowly extricated himself from those gripping him and sighed. “I am really too disappointed…” His well-shaped eyes had turned to slits from smiling. He had merely been testing his luck yet it had unexpectedly succeeded. Indeed, the only way to deal with these creatures was to outsmart them.

“Your majesty!” Chu Jian crawled a few steps forward. He grabbed Long Junhao’s trouser leg and glanced up, “Your majesty…”

Long Junhao suppressed the urge to strike out. He gently caressed Chu Jian’s face and bent down. “You have been rather devoted all this time. However, punishments that are due must still be meted out. You shall be lashed eighty times.” He glanced tenderly at Chu Jian. “…It also pains me to do this.”

Chu Jian immediately cried out, “Your loyal subject is willing to be punished!”

“Alright then.” Long Junhao sighed, then called out lazily. “Men, bring out the thing in my palace. Oh, and also bring out my dragon throne at the same time.” Having said that, he turned towards the stunned nurse by his side and said gently, “Good girl, go make a cup of tea for me.”

“Ah? Ah…oh…” The nurse stared blankly at Long Junhao, the certain general on the ground waiting to be punished as well as her colleagues all around. She really wanted to grab Long Junhao and shout, Do you want to be recommended to Hollywood? You will definitely be able to snag the Oscar award for best male actor!!    

It didn’t take long for the institution’s staff to find the things that Long Junhao mentioned. This was a paddle used for flogging in ancient times. There was even a board for the person being punished to lie on. A doctor that had newly joined this institute asked the companion beside him. “Why does he…I mean the emperor has such a thing?”

“You mean this?” The person being asked raised the stick. “Oh, it’s like this, when the emperor was still the prince, he frequently made a lot of noise about wanting to flog people. The director said to play along since he was so strongly attached to flogging others. Thus, on the second day, his parents, oh, the empress dowager and the supreme emperor had this delivered. It’s rumored this was custom-made according to an original. Even the material is the same.”

“So that’s why.” That new doctor nodded. He looked ahead and saw that Chu Jian was already lying on the punishment board ready to be flogged. Meanwhile, Long Junhao was leisurely sipping tea on his exquisitely crafted wooden chair.

To hit or not to hit. That was the question.

They glanced at Long Junhao and thought to themselves that an imperial order couldn’t be disobeyed. They then turned to Chu Jian. This person also had a formidable background that they couldn’t afford to offend. If there really were to be a  problem… Everyone was at a loss momentarily.

Long Junhao put down his tea cup and surveyed the scene. “Tsk, what are you all standing around for. Hit him.”

Chu Jian chimed in, “Yes, hit me. Don’t show mercy! I will willingly take the punishment for my crimes!”   

Long Junhao beamed. “There, you all heard it. Now start hitting!”

The institution staff exchanged glances. Since Chu Jian himself was willing, they raised the paddles up. However, they still didn’t dare really strike viciously. After all, eighty such strokes could leave this general bedridden for days.

However, they had clearly underestimated the performance of this general. Chu Jian would yell out loudly each time the paddle struck him. After this whole incident, one of the staff went to the hospital to accompany his wife that was in labor. Another worried father waiting in the same labor ward looked over and praised how calm he was. This staff stared into the distance. This is nothing. I have heard wails way more miserable than this.

What he meant was the Chu Jian at this current moment.

With such miserable cries echoing all over, everyone in the asylum had come over to watch. The long-haired beauty had also stopped singing. He was giggling as he watched on from the side.

Gu Chen had just returned when he was greeted by this spectacle. His hands were in his pockets of his white doctor’s robes as he walked in and witnessed this astonishing scene. His attention fell onto the man with an air of nobility seated in the center and drinking tea. Gu Chen tilted his head to the side and asked someone at the side.”What’s going on?”

“Oh, this? I heard that our General Chu was defeated in battle and the emperor is currently punishing him.”

“General Chu, defeated…Emperor?” Gu Chen raised an eyebrow and burst out laughing. “When did such titles come about?”

“Don’t you know…eh?” The only person turned over and smiled. “It’s Dr. Gu! You have finally returned from abroad.”

“Yeah,” Gu Chen acknowledged and continued watching the person on the crafted wooden chair. “How did things become like this after I was merely away for just over a month? I don’t remember his condition being like this?”  

“Oh, it’s a long story…”

Gu Chen listened attentively and was nodding his head when another voice sounded over the ruckus. “Waaa…Waaa…This, this is…

He turned over and saw that it was the man with the poker face. It was another patient that frequently gave him headaches. 

Currently, this person was staring at the scene with his mouth agape. After a short while, his right hand moved to clutch his chest.

Gu Chen suspected that the patient probably suffered a shock. He was about to instruct some stuff to bring this patient back to the room when the patient’s other hand reached up and clutched his own face. “Too…Too scary. It’s too scary…The way humans live is unacceptable…I better return to the ocean to find king-father…”

Having said that, he started to run while still clutching his face. Gu Chen watched blankly as he turned a corner and disappeared. Following that, there was a “Splash——” before the panicked shouts of a nurse sounded, “Somebody help, the patient has fallen into the pond again!!”


Long Junhao watched delightedly as one of the creatures he hated was taught a lesson and then carried back to his room. Long Junhao couldn’t stop smiling as he got up from his chair. Then, he saw Gu Chen amongst the crowd and his face stiffened instantly.

“No way…” He rubbed his eyes, took a second look and rubbed his eyes again. He finally walked over slowly. “General, it’s you. Have you come over too?”

This wasn’t any stranger. It was the general that had ordered troops to capture Long Junhao, which had caused him to faint and wake up here!  This was a face he could never forget. Even though…even though he had first conspired to attract the attention of this general in the first place…

Everyone was stunned. They looked towards Gu Chen and whatever they wanted to say was clearly reflected in their eyes——You are also a general too? Victorious or defeated? If you are defeated…will you be flogged?   

Gu Chen silently met their gaze——I’ve just returned. How would I know what he is talking about?

The other stuff silently blinked at him——The director says to play along with the patients at all times. Give it up.

“…” Gu Chen met Long Junhao’s gaze. After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded. “It’s me.”

“This makes things easy…” Long Junhao swung a clenched fist. “Damn you, I swore to the heavens that if I ever saw you again, I would beat you up so hard your mother wouldn’t recognize you. Die f*cker!”


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