ALBR Chapter 2

ALBR Chapter 2

ALBR Chapter 2: You Are Finished

“A warm breeze carries smoke over the river, flowers forming lush fields of jade~~”

Long Junhao had someone move a recliner chair to the pavilion and get him a cup of tea. He relaxed on the chair and closed his eyes to enjoy this little tune. The lotus flowers in the pond were in full bloom and a gentle and fresh breeze passing seemed to carry a light fragrance. The sides of his lips couldn’t help curling upwards. This was a smile of comfort. This was a song he hadn’t heard before. Apparently someone told him that it had been written during either the Ming or Qing dynasties. He wasn’t sure exactly which dynasty but it didn’t stop him from enjoying it.

“Flute notes muddle hearts, do not pass Black Robe Lane, it belongs to another~~”

Beautiful. Long Junhao was in a pensive mood. This would have been like his old life if there were fruits and pastries laid out on the table, personal guards behind him, and a bunch of servants rubbing his shoulders and legs. He felt happier the more he indulged himself in his own imagination and gradually even lost track of his surroundings. All he was aware of was giving a compliment after a tune had ended. “Not bad, wonderful, wonderful, men, bestow a reward.”

He opened his eyes at that moment and was greeted by the sight of a smiling long haired beauty with an exposed neckline revealing an expanse of flatness. Long Junhao immediately froze up.

The long haired beauty giggled, “Thank you for the appreciation, your highness.”

Long Junhao’s lips twitched. “Don’t mention it.” He glanced around realizing it had all been a daydream and he was still in this god forsaken place.

The beauty continued with the false female voice. “Does your highness still like it?”

“Yes…” Long Junhao rubbed his nose. There was a huge difference between expectation and reality, causing Long Junhao to lose interest in an instant. He put down the cup of tea, then stood up and stretched. “There are important matters for me to attend to. Farewell then fair lady, I will come and visit you again some other day.”

The beauty simply wasn’t bothered by being called a ‘lady’. All he did was sigh and muttered reluctantly, “Having this intention is good enough…”

Long Junhao’s mouth twitched once again. Before this person’s condition got any worse, Long Junhao had already ran back to his room and slumped onto the large luxurious bed of his. This bed was the only thing giving him solace here. After all, this bed was much more comfortable than the one he had slept on in the past. As he tossed and turned from boredom, a crisp female voice that sounded delighted came from the walkway. “Son, I’m here~”

Long Junhao leaped off his bed in an instant. The doors to his room opened at the same time and a glamorous lady appeared in front of his eyes. “My darling son, I’m, here~”

Long Junhao’s eyes lit up and he threw himself forward. “Mom~”

There wasn’t any bit of hesitation as Long Junhao called out coquettishly.

The beautiful lady patted his shoulder and smiled, “Heh, good boy, Mommy really missed you.”

“Mom, I missed you too~” Long Junhao displayed the adorable side he used to behave with his queen mother in the past. He clasped the lady’s hands and without blinking, gazed straight into her eyes and said in full seriousness. “Mom, I’m alright now. I’ve really gotten well.”

Long Junhao was no fool. Since he was already in this world, he could only live by the rules of this world. However, the prerequisite of that was to leave this place or he would one day be driven crazy by these three abnormal creatures. The worst case scenario would be Long Junhao either stabbing them with a knife or using it on himself.

From what he had observed during this period, there were two ways to leave this place. The first way would be for those doctors to certify that his mental state had recovered to a normal level while the second would be for his parents to bring him out of this place. And this woman in inappropriate attire whom Long Junhao had called a lowly peasant on his first day was one of his parents.

The beautiful lady’s eyes reddened as she choked out, “Mhm, our darling has gotten better, our baby isn’t sick.”

“Yes, yes,” Long Junhao caught things quickly and started to circle her in a bid to push the issue. “Mom, look, I’m perfectly normal now. I have really recovered fully. Let us go back together shall we?”

 At this moment, another person walked in. Long Junhao looked up and recognized this person. It was the other parent of this body. This man always liked to stay silent at the side and usually didn’t talk but it was always startling when he did.

“Hubby,” The beautiful lady turned over and sniffled. “Our baby says he has gotten well. What do you think?”

That man looked over at Long Junhao. Long Junhao also met his gaze and tried his best to look as harmless as possible. “Dad, I’m alright now.”

That man remained silent as before and suddenly turned around and went outside. After a few moments he returned with an object. “Isn’t that the new DVD you just bought, why did you bring it in?”

That man didn’t answer and played it on the room’s DVD projector. 

Objects in the room were of the highest quality and the television screen took up half the wall. While Long Junhao knew how to use these items, the number of times he had actually made use of them were few. Thus, he now stared at the screen in curiosity. The man stood at a corner silently after starting up the DVD. Meanwhile, the lady tugged on his sleeves. “Hubby, what are you trying to achieve by playing this sci-fi action film?”

The man still didn’t reply and only indicated to watch their son. Seeing this, the lady looked over too and started sobbing. Currently, Long Junhao was staring at the screen with his eyes wide open. His mouth was agape as he stared at the scene displayed in astonishment. “Woah…Wh…what is…that ah…It’s amazing…”

The lady continued to sob. “Our baby, he…he…”

The man grunted an acknowledgment before he finally spoke. “See, he can’t even recognize Transformers.”

The lady fished out a handkerchief from her bag and dabbed away her tears. The man patted her shoulders, indicating for her to be strong. However, her tears flowed even more freely as she walked over to Long Junhao’s side and spoke gently, “Darling, like it?”

Long Junhao nodded at once. His gaze never shifted as he continued to be awestruck. “What are those things?”

“Transformers.” The lady replied through muffled sobs. Unfortunately, the mesmerized Long Junhao didn’t notice. He nodded. “Ohhh, these things are amazing.”

“I will buy you some if you like them.”

“These can be bought?” Long Junhao immediately turned towards her excitedly. “Such awesome stuff can be bought too?!” This world was really astonishing.  

The lady forced herself to hold in the tears. “Yes, yes, I will buy them as long as you like it.”

“Alright, I like them.” Long Junhao’s attention returned to the screen having said that. He started to daydream and smiled foolishly as he imagined the first thing he would do if he could have these things was to exterminate those three abnormal creatures. And after that, he would destroy this asylum! 

The beautiful lady watched her son with a pained look on her face. At this moment, the man at her said spoke again. “See, he doesn’t even know that what you will buy him are only models.”

The lady choked up while the man pulled her arm and let her outside. In just a moment, they had already disappeared from the walkway. Long Junhao was only aware there was a problem when he saw from the window that his two parents were walking towards what was known as a ‘car’. He immediately panicked and hurriedly rushed outside. However, when he ran out, all he saw was the car disappearing into the distance.

“Nooo…” He slumped on to the grass and cried out in anguish. “Why didn’t you wait for me? What happened? Everything was fine. Why is this happening? Oh heavens…I don’t want to be here. ARGHHH…” Following that, a person appeared in a flash and slumped on to the ground beside Long Junhao. Clutching at some poor strands of grass, this person continued, “Why didn’t you wait for me? What happened? Everything was fine. Why is this happening? Oh heavens…I don’t want to be here. ARGHHH…”       

A bunch of doctors and nurses immediately gathered over and showed concern, “Prince, prince, oh, or is it Emperor now, please take care of your imperial body…You have to be careful for the sake of your country…” Everyone scrambled to help Long Junhao up. But at this moment, an anguished wail sounded from behind them. “No…” Following that a person appeared in a flash and slumped on to the ground beside Long Junhao. Clutching at some poor strands of grass, this person continued, “Why didn’t you wait for me? What happened? Everything was fine. Why is this happening? Oh heavens…I don’t want to be here. ARGHHH…”  


Everyone shuddered and watched Long Junhao in trepidation. They watched as Long Junhao turned his head slowly. He had a gaze akin to a venomous snake eying a rat as he stared at the defeated general that was supposed to have been ‘dragged away and beheaded’. Breathing heavily, Long Junhao hissed. “Do you believe…that I wouldn’t immediately stomp you to death for having the gall to appear in front of your Emperor?!”  

That person blinked his confused eyes and chewed on a blade of grass for a moment before opening his mouth to speak. “Do you believe that…arghh…” Long Junhao’s foot had barreled into him before he even finished the sentence.

Everyone watching finally came to their senses and hurriedly ran over to mediate. Long Junhao was held back and placated while the other man was helped up. Aggrieved, he stared at Long Junhao and asked the nurse beside, “Why did he hit me?”

The nurse’s lips twitched. She really wished to say that he deserved it but she had a professional duty and could only answer tactfully. “He isn’t in a good mood. Don’t talk to him for the time being.”

“Not in a good mood?” That man bit his hand and asked innocently, “Is he sick?”

“Yes yes.” The nurse nodded, “…Do you want to head in first and have a rest?” She wiped the sweat off her face. Can’t he see how the prince/emperor is glaring over with murderous intent? Is he really that oblivious? He’s just mentally unstable and not thick-skinned right?      

“Oh, you should have just told me this earlier…” That man struggled free and patted off the imaginary dust on his body. He put a fist to his mouth, coughed lightly and then strolled over to Long Junhao. He reached out, placed two fingers on Long Junhao’s wrist and fell into deep thought.

Long Junhao was held back by multiple pairs of arms and could only shout at the people surrounding him. “What are all of you standing around for? Seize that man and feed him to the dogs! No, flog him before feeding him to the dogs! Hurry up!”    

A terrifying vibe now emanated from him and everyone didn’t dare neglect his orders. They immediately nodded and went over to pull away this man who was in a ‘miracle doctor’ state. But before they reached, this man had already released his fingers. He nodded and said rather slowly. “Don’t worry madam, it’s just a rapid pulse. I will prescribe some anti-emetic medicine to help you regulate the fetus in your body. Oh, right,” He cupped his hands together. “Congratulations madam.”

Everyone inhaled sharply as they felt their hearts drop as they thought to themselves. You’re really finished today…


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